Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.  We provide this so you can quickly find the answers you are looking for, not to avoid speaking with you.

YOU ARE NOT A BOTHER… We enjoy talking about our business and look forward to speaking with you.  Our number is (951) 329 5804.

So please reach out to us if you don’t find your answer quickly or if you have other concerns.

Services Provided Questions

My Screens Are In Bad Shape, Can You Repair Them When You Clean The Windows?
Absolutely. While screens are not our primary focus, we do offer rescreening and repairs at a fraction of the cost of replacement. If the parts are readily available we can repair them on the day of our appointment if you let us know before we show up. Keep in mind that sometime window manufacturers use proprietary frame channels and parts, which require you to only use their parts for repair or that the parts my not just be available. If that is the case we will let you know and can suggest a reputable screen company to contact.
Do You Fix Broken Windows?
Unfortunately our licensing and liability insurance does not allow us to make these repairs.  We have excellent relationships with reputable glass repair companies we can recommend to assist you.

Pricing Questions

Are Stained Or Hard Water Spotted Windows More Difficult (And Expensive) To Clean?
Yes. Windows that have been ignored and been repeatedly exposed to hard water, acid rain, bird droppings, etc. take significantly longer to clean and cost more to have cleaned. That is why we recommend having them cleaned on an ongoing scheduled basis. Not only will you have impeccable windows year round, but it costs much less to maintain clean windows than it does to have them periodically deep cleaned.
I Got A Quote For A Lot Less, Why Do You Charge More?
Anyone can go to a local janitorial store and purchase basic window cleaning equipment and call themselves a “window cleaner”. The short answer is because we do things correctly and legally. We carry liability insurance. If our employee breaks something, or causes damage to your residence (knocks his bucket over a damages your hardwood floors) we are liable and with our insurance have the resources to make it right. Mr. Lowcost probably doesn’t and just hopes nothing goes wrong. He may tell you he does, but request a copy of the policy and call on it to see if it’s in force. We carry Workers Compensation Insurance. THIS IS BIG. If our employee slips off a ladder, and breaks his back and can’t walk for 8 months, our insurance covers his claim. If Mr. Lowcost comes on your property, doing work for you and he falls off the ladder and breaks his back YOU are personally liable. Your $500,000 of liability coverage on your home owner’s policy won’t even cover Mr. Lowcost’s initial emergency room visit. The REST OF HIS CLAIM WILL COME OUT OF YOUR SAVINGS OR FUTURE WAGES and it happens all the time. Now is it really worth saving a few bucks to be exposed to this type of liability?
Do You Provide Discounts To Seniors Or Military
We absolutely provide a 10% discount to seniors and those who have or are defending our country.  Please request this at the time we provide you an estimate so your bill reflects that at time of service.

Payment Questions

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?
We accept cash, checks, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), and open billing account (with approved credit prior to service).
Do You Accept Credit Cards?
Yes we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
Can You Bill Us or Invioce Our Corporate Office?
For our commercial clients, we offer flexible billing arrangements. This is something that will need to be established prior to service.  Please call us at (951) 329-5804 for further details.

General Questions

What Are Your Hours?
Our hours are 9 to 5 Monday through Friday, and weekends by appointment. However, the reality is that we get our messages right to our phones and will try to reply to your inquiries and concerns as promptly as we can.
How Trustworthy Are Your Employees?
We go to great lengths to only hire trustworthy and reliable employees. As part of the application and vetting process all of our employees go through a thorough background check. We are confident in our employees, but accidents and incidents can happen to anyone which is why we carry full liability insurance on every employee on every job. In truth our employees are our greatest asset. We are selective because we pay them well and keep them busy. As a result they do such a wonderful job that we have excellent online reviews and usually get requested by name for future services.
Are Your Chemicals Toxic or Caustic
We use professional grade bio-degradable, environmentally safe products for all our cleaning services. They should not cause any unfavorable reactions or residual smell.
How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?
For residential you will notice a significant difference having your windows cleaned outside every three month and inside every six months. For commercial & retail buildings, much of that depends on the type of business and your environment. For restaurants and other business where first impressions are critical, we suggest having your windows cleaned weekly or bi-weekly. The image you want to project tempered by budget considerations seems to be what most business owners base their decisions on. Call us at (951) 329-5804 and lets speak about your situation and figure out what is right for you.
What Areas Do You Service?
We clean windows for homes and businesses throughout the Inland Empire.  Call us at (951) 329-5904 should you have any questions.
What Can I Expect During Your Technician’s Visit?
A uniformed employee who arrives on time. Then he or she will take protect your home’s interior surfaces such as interior flooring, floor coverings, furniture, etc. and do the same for the home’s exterior (protecting landscape, flowers, etc.). Then we wash your glass surfaces thoroughly removing all foreign matter (dirt, spots, fingerprints, smudges, and grease) squeegee them to a spot and streak free shine.
Do I Need To Do Anything To Get Ready For Your Technicians?
It would be extremely helpful if you could remove everything off the window sills and immediate area (plants, knickknacks, keepsakes, etc.) so we can keep our focus on cleaning your windows.
What Do I Need To Provide Your Employee When They Arrive?
Our employees come uniformed for easy identification and have the necessary equipment to complete your job that day.  The only thing they will need is access to water like an outside hose.
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