Graffiti Removal

Failure to remove graffiti promptly invites further problems as now other hoodlums see this as a green light to leave their mark and it just gets worse.

Most people have a negative reaction to graffiti associating it with business that are shady, unsafe, and where ownership or management just doesn’t care.

Those are the exact opposite thoughts a business owner wants people to think about his facility, especially potential clients.

We understand this and make graffiti removal calls one of our highest priorities. We can often remove the graffiti next day, not weeks.  Cleaning graffiti off promptly minimizes the damage it does to the surface, especially if an etching material (usually some kind of acid) has been used.

Each graffiti removal job is unique based on surface (brick, concrete, metal doors, glass, etc.) and substance used (spray paint, marker, adhesives, shoe polishes, etc.) so our pricing can vary based on these factors.

Contact us today at (951) 329-5804 for a graffiti removal estimate and let’s get your business looking its best again.

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Call us at (951) 329-5804 and we will make your job a priority.

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