COVID-19 Virus Can Survive for 4 Days On This Surface

June 15, 2020

While everyone is incessantly wash hands, disinfecting counters & doorknobs, and wear masks, people are overlooking a common household (and business) item that can support the Covid-19 virus for up to four days… YOUR WINDOWS. 

The Journal of Hospital Infection recently published research showing the Covid-19 virus can live on glass for up to 4 days;  among to the pollen, allergens, and dust that your windows attract and hold.

The detergents used by Raincross Window Cleaning to clean your windows are effective at destroying the COVID-19 virus.

“This [COVID-19] virus has what they call a lipid coat, which basically means it’s surrounded by a bubble of fat” states Joy Phillips, PhD research assistant and professor if immunology at San Diego State University.

The products we use to clean windows, “disrupts the fat, breaks apart that liquid membrane [around the COVID-19 Virus], and [disrupting the lipid coating] ends up destroying the virus.” states Phillips.

So now besides the having a pristine view to the world, you can have a pristine and sanitary view.

Additionally, Raincross Window Cleaning is committed to minimize COVID-19 transmission by cleaning windows from a safe social distance, wearing face masks, washing our hands, and wearing foot coverings when inside your location.

Our family owned and operated business appreciates your support during this time.  We need your business and look forward to providing you the best possible window cleaning experience.

Request a quote to have your windows cleaned or call us at (951) 329-5804 to schedule a time one of our uniformed, trained, and COVID-19 conscientious professionals to clean your windows.

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