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January 03, 2023

Hard Water Stains on Windows & Glass

Hard Water is water that contains higher concentrations of minerals, primarily magnesium and calcium; the more minerals contained the “harder” the water.

The concentration of minerals held by water increases as it percolates through or travels over limestone.

California’s water is especially hard because of the distance it travels (often out of state, picking up minerals along the way), the warmer weather (causing minerals dissolve faster in warmer water than colder water), and the lack additional rainfall (that would dilute the minerals).

When hard water is allowed to evaporate, the minerals it carries remain on the surface which is why windows and glass loose their luster and begin to appear cloudy and stained.

Additionally, elements (dirt, dust, etc) that were already on the glass will get trapped under the minerals compounding the problem.

When windows have been neglected over time, it takes a special cleaning (mineral dissolving chemicals that are still environmentally friendly) and a lot of elbow grease to restore to their natural brilliance.

Raincross Window Cleaning are experts in hard water removal and window cleaning. 

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